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The Teaching Tutors' Difference!

We are more than just a typical tutoring service. As tutors, we see ourselves as more of Teaching Assistants / Academic Managers for each of the students who work with us. We work closely with your child in helping him or her to fully grasp the material in the subject area in which they need help so they can excel in that class and future classes as well. We teach-tutor each of our students, provide homework help, and prepare them for quizzes and tests. But this is only where our service begins.

Each of our students receives what we like to call “academic management,” which includes 1.) curriculum development, 2.) establishment of regular progress reporting from class teachers as permitted, 3.) help with improving time management and study skills, 4.) help with preparing for classes during summer breaks so they have a head start in the fall, 5.) help with planning schedules for completing research papers and projects so they are not left until the last minute, and 6.) overall assistance to parents for managing and maximizing their child’s academic career.

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Private Online Tutoring Includes

  • Virtual Classroom: Write out any question or problem on our virtual classroom.
  • Voice Capability: Speak online directly with your private tutor. Just like talking over the phone!
  • Free Phone Consultations: As your personal private tutor, we take the time to care.
  • Free Straight-A Strategy ebook: Contains secret techniques guaranteed to boost grades.



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Subjects Tutored

* Math
* Science
* English
* French
* SAT, SAT Subject Tests
* English Language
* Reading & Writing Skills

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Call us at 1-800-314-1093 to learn more about our intensive Summer Boot Camps for students who want to get a head start for the fall in: Algebra I, Algebra II, AP Calculus, Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry, College Admissions Success, & the SAT.

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College Counseling Services

For more information and to receive your free introductory “College Admissions 101” session with an expert college counselor, click here!

Success Stories

  • "My tutor was laid back and made everything easy to understand. He was able to help me understand all the concepts I needed to know for Chemistry and Calculus in a short amount of time. It also made it convenient that our sessions were flexible so that I could work on different assignments or classes during the same session. I even recommended him to my friend, who needed help with Physics..."

    – Blake B., Student

  • "Our tutor has been a tremendous help to our son in Chemistry by reviewing and going through practice problems. He explains solutions of problems clearly and succinctly. Therefore, our son can work on solving the problems quickly. We are very pleased with our tutor’s patience and calm demeanor and we will be sure to call him whenever our son needs help! "

    – Kevin M., Parent

  • "I was very happy with the level of service that these tutors provided! I have had both my son and daughter work with other tutors and the results just weren’t the same. These tutors were very professional and were always available, even on the weekends, to help my kids with any subjects, including math, science, English, history, and French. Both my son and daughter also liked that they were friendly, relatable, and extremely knowledgeable about whatever subject they were teaching..."

    – Ezabel B., Parent

  • "My tutors didn’t just help me understand my homework, but also taught me important things I needed to know for each subject. They helped me with my Chemistry, Algebra II, French, English, and History classes by going through every part of my study guides before a test and making sure that I understood all of the material. They also made sure I was prepared for the most difficult questions on the test..."

    – Tatiana B., Student

  • "Thank you again for working with Jacquelyn this past year. She was able to earn great grades in both Chemistry and Algebra II. The online interface allowed her to maintain her athletic training schedule and still fit in the tutoring sessions. By the way, she has been signed by a Big 10 school with both an athletic and academic scholarship!"

    – Lisa M., Parent

  • "Our son attended an urban high school short on motivated teachers. During the Precalculus class in his junior year, it became obvious to all that the previous year’s Algebra II teacher had failed them miserably. That is when we sought out a tutor’s services. Our tutor had to teach an entire year of Algebra II along side Precalculus. The end result is that our son received an A first semester and a B second semester."

    – Stephen C., Parent

  • "Our son’s senior year, he had a teacher with a very low pass rate on the AP Physics exam. Our tutor came to the rescue. It was through our tutor that our son learned to attack problems from a different perspective. He received an A and then a B in the class–all due to our tutor’s skill at communicating the subject."

    – Mary C., Parent

  • "Honors Chemistry was a problem in that the teacher taught nothing – literally. His AP Chemistry students had a 5% pass rate. Our tutor worked with our son and literally taught him Chemistry from scratch. Our son received one of very few A’s both semesters – all due to his work with his tutor."

    – Stephen C., Parent

  • "Our English tutor assisted us with our son’s college essays. His weakness was the ability to write with depth and cohesion. Our tutor was patient, kind and successful. Our son was accepted to most of the schools to which he applied: Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, GW, Trinity and Union. Thanks in no small part to our tutor, our son is happily attending UC Berkeley!"

    – Mary C., Parent

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Our Philosophy

Our tutoring philosophy at The Teaching Tutors is based on the concept of homeschooling! We believe that students more fully grasp a subject when they are learning in a one student-one teacher environment. Homeschooling students benefit from this environment, often working one-on-one with specialized-tutors who fully explain, review, and also teach-tutor sequentially the lessons for the courses in which the student is enrolled. The tutor also serves as a liaison between the student and the actual teacher for that class. The truth is that even the best, most dedicated teachers have a hard time giving undivided, personal attention to each and every student since there are only so many hours in the day.

That’s where we come in!

We apply the homeschooling method of teach-tutoring to students who attend traditional schools and work with them on the classes that they find most difficult to ensure that they fully, and not “kind of,” grasp the material. As we teach-tutor our students, we also assess what fundamental skills the student may have missed in that subject area in previous years and teach them those skills as well. A student struggling in Algebra II, for example, may just be lacking a strong foundational understanding of fractions, variables, and graphing that he or she should have mastered in earlier grades.

We also help our students prepare for tests by challenging them with problems of varying difficulty levels so that they’ll be prepared for anything they get in class! Students can also work with their teaching-tutor on a customized plan in our easy-to-use virtual online classroom... from the comfort of their own home... or from any location! [...more]